The newly established National Centre for Primary Care and Allergy Research at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura undoubtedly comprises the best infrastructure plus laboratory facilities for innovative research and diagnostics in a Sri Lankan university setting. This will facilitate in providing academic, scientific and research services to the university township as well as for the country, which is one of the felt necessities of the university for a long duration. We have already initiated forming multidisciplinary research teams to conduct a number of research projects with the participation of senior academics from the faculties of Medical Sciences, Applied and Life Sciences.

Some of our facilities include:

Elispot reader system I-spot CO2 incubator- Initial cell cultures and sample processing
Freezers- -20 and -80 Oven with Fan Convection
Nanodrop Elisa reader
qPCR system Magpix system
Distilled Water system FACS
PCR and Gel doc system Tissue Culture
Hematology analyzer Biochemistry analyzer
Phadia system- Immunocap Immunoassay
Electrolyte analyzer HPLC analyzer
DEXA scanner Ella
ISAC (Immuno-Solid phase Allergy Chip) ImmunoCAP Peggy Sue
LSCM (Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy) Microscope